Dannati quiz. Hanno ragione loro.

Solo sulla canzone di Rihanna avrei qualcosa da obiettare…

How old are you?

Your Quiz Result:
22 years old
Dancefloor and “fun in bed” is just you

Are you really a cute girl?

Your Quiz Result:
close to be cute
you are a good person but you have to work on your sensitivity

Which Rihanna song are you?( for girls only )

Your Quiz Result:
Umbrella ft. Jay-Z
You wanna just say it anytime u wanna

How Shallow Are You?

Your Quiz Result:
You wont be winning any humanitarian of the year awards, but at least we know you gonna have beautiful children, lol.

What Lion King Character Are You?

Your Quiz Result:
Simply put, you like to have fun. Life is a joke to you. No matter what happens you always have a laugh and move on. Although you are the comedian in the group, you are a strong friend. Even though you might not have the advantage, you are always willing to fight for those that are your friends. They are the most important thing to you, in the end when the day has been saved, you make a joke that gets everyone laughing and puts all at rest.



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